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  • Weekly newsletter from Chairman dated 21.07.2017. For here
  • FAQs for GST rate has been uploadedFor Details click here
  • “Order relating to extension of date for filing option for composition scheme has been issued. For here
  • “Promotion and Posting Orders in the grade of Principal Commissioner has been issued vide Office Order No. 123/2017 dated 20.07.2017. For here
  • “Appointment of IRS (C&CE) officers as Principal Commissioner (Revision Application ) & Ex-Officio Additional Secretary vide Office Order No. 202/2017 dated 20.07.2017. For details- click here
  • Field formations are requested to get the amendments done in the MPRs uploaded upto the month of June 17 using Error Correction Module latest by 30th july 2017, thereafter, amendments will not be allowed.
  • Filling vacancies in the grade of Senior Intelligence Officers (SIOs) and Intelligence Officers (IOs) on local transfer/loan basis in the newly created Chandigarh Zonal unit, Shimla regional unit and Jammu Regional Unit. - for details -click here
  • Attention: All Chief Commissioners / Commissioners of Customs Locations - ROSL Scroll generation has been activated. For detailed advisory for the System Managers / Asst System Managers Please Click here
  • Two new Directorates have been created by CBEC w.e.f 01.07.2017 i.e, DGARM and Directorate of International Customs. For details Click here
  • For checking the availability of GSTIN in Customs EDI System. Please go to Custom Duty Calculator > Codes > Common > GSTN Number Enquiry — Please click here
  • Ordinance dated 08/07/2017 for extending provisions CGST and IGST Act to the State of J & K have been uploaded.
  • Instructions on revision of Pre-2016 Pensioner Click here
  • OM dated 04.07.2017, regarding corrections in the integrated All India Seniority List of Customs Appraiser for the period from 01.04.2003 to 31.12.2011. For details Click here
  • Immediate Attention : Registration & Requisition letter issued for Next Dept. Exam. of Inspectors to be held from 01.08.2017 to 04.08.2017. Please download the same from
  • Kind attention: DO Letter from Member (Admn.) regarding Implementation of GST on 1st July 2017 & Preparation enclosing the GST Seva kendras manual 09.06.2017 - English / Hindi
  • Service Tax Return for the period from 01.04.2017 to 30.06.2017 shall be submitted by 15th August 2017
  • Press note on return filing has been uploaded - For details click here
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Departmental Examinations


Date of uploading Brief Description
02-06-2017 Announcement of Departmental Exam for promotion of ministerial staff in August, 2017
03-05-2017 Allocation of Stenographer Grade 'D', selected through Stenographer Grade 'D' Examination - 2015, conducted by SSC
     Covering letter   |   Allocation List
14-03-2017 Departmental Examination for confirmation of Direct Recruit Tax Assistants for the year 2016-17. Examination Paper II (A) - "Procedure and Local Order of the Custom House" - regarding
03-03-2017 Verification of Options/Preferences from selected candidates for allocation of zones, Steno Grade D, 2015 - Verification of option forms & extension of date
Covering Letter    |    List of Options/Preference
01-02-2017 Calling of Options/Preferences from selected candidates of Stenographers Grade 'D' Examination, 2015
17-01-2017 Annual calender of Departmental Examination for the year 2017-18
16-12-2016 Notice for Conduct of Departmental Examination for Confirmation of Staff Car Driver and Sepoy for the Year 2016-17
08-12-2016 Announcement of Departmental Exam for promotion of ministerial staff in Feb 2017
07-12-2016 Examination Notice for Confirmation of Direct Recruit Tax Assistants for the year 2016-17
18-10-2016 Departmental Examination for promotion to the cadre of LDC for the year 2016-17 scheduled for 06.12.2016
08-07-2016 Circular calling for willingness for departmental exam for confirmation of Appraisers/Examiners/POs of Customs in the month of August-2016 - NACEN, Mumbai
21-06-2016 Departmental exam for promotion of Ministerial Officers (EA & TA) during August 2016
27-01-2016 Holding of Departmental Examination for STA/TA for drawal of increment by NACEN, Patna
05-01-2016 NACEN Annual Calender of Departmental Examination for the year 2016-17
04-01-2016 Letter dated 31.12.2015,announcing the re-scheduling of the Departmental Exam to the grade of STAs and Inspectors due to declaration of holiday on 12.02.2016 in Kolkata Zone
23-12-2015 Conduct of Deptt. Exam for Confirmation of Direct Recruit Tax Assistants for the Year 2015-16
23-12-2015 Conduct of Deptt. Exam for Confirmation of Staff Car Driver & Sepoy for the year 2015-16
13-10-2015 Departmental Examination for District Opium Officer/Superintendent in Narcotics Department(CBN) at Gwalior for the year 2015-16. Date of exam 7,8,9,10,11 December, 2015
13-07-2015 Departmental Examination for promotion of officers of Group 'D' (Sepoy/Havaldar/Record Keeper/Gestetener Operator) to the cadre of LDC for the year 2014.
03-06-2015 Circular dt. 20-05-2015 from NACEN, Chennai giving details on the Departmental Exam for promotion to the cadre of STAs & Inspectors
01-06-2015 Circular dated 19-May-2015 from NACEN, Mumbai regarding departmental examination for confirmation of Appraiser / Examiner and Preventive Officer in the month of August 2015
27-04-2015 Schedule & Syllabus of Dept. Exam. for Inspector of Central Excise