F. No. A-28011/12/2009-EC/Per

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue


New Delhi, the 7th March, 2011




††††††††††† The Chief Commissioner of Customs (All)

††††††††††† The Chief Commissioner of Central Excise (All)

††††††††††† The Chief Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise (All)

††††††††††† The Director General, Customs & Central Excise (All)


Subject:†††††††††† Communication of APAR to the concerned officer Ė Reg.




††††††††††† I am directed to say that in accordance with the provisions of the DOPTís O.M. No. 21011/1/2005-Estt.(A)(Pt-II) dated 14.05.2009 (copy enclosed), all ACR/APAR for the period 2008-09 onwards are required to be communicated to the officer concerned, after the same are reported and reviewed, for making representations, if any, on the content and grading of the ACR/APAR.


2.†††††††† It has been noted that the Personnel/EC Section is still receiving ACRs/APARs for 2008-09 onwards without completing action(s), after the ACRs/APARs are reported and reviewed, as per requirements of the DOPTís O.M. dated 14.05.2009.You are requested to send ACRs/APARs for the period 2008-09 onwards only after completion of actions, communicating ACRs/APARs after reported/reviewed and deciding representations, as required in the DOPTís O.M. dated 14.05.2009 and to include a certification to this effect in the letter forwarding ACRs/APARs.



Yours faithfully,

Click here for DoPTís O.M. dated 14-05-2009


(Sarvjit Singh)

Under Secretary (Ad.II)

Encl.: as above.


Copy to:†††† The Director General, Directorate General of Systems & Data Management, New Delhi for placing copy of this letter and DOPTís O.M. dated 14.05.2009 on the web-site of CBEC.




(Sarvjit Singh)

Under Secretary (Ad.II)