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  • Vacancies reported by the field here
  • Corrigendum to Office Order No.10/2017 dated 12.09.2017 - promotion to the post of Chemical Examiner, Gr.II - reg. click here
  • Order extending date for filing of TRAN-1 under Rule 117 has been issued. click here
  • Minutes of the राजस्वज्ञानसंगम-Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2017 held at New Delhi on 01-02 September, 2017 have been uploaded on ANTARANG
  • Constitution of National Anti-profiteering Authority(NAA) under GST. click here
  • The Opt-In for Composition Levy for 2017-18 is available on GST portal. The window for opting in for composition levy for 2017-18 will be open till 30th Sep midnight. It will be applicable from 1st Oct 2017. Registration of TDS service will be available on GST portal shortly.
  • CGST Rules, 2017 as amended upto 18/09/2017 For details click here
  • Instruction for filing of Special Leave Petition against Orders of Hon’ble High Courts staying Collection of Tax under GST. click here
  • Filling up the post of Deputy Director in Financial Intelligence Unit, India (FIU-IND), Delhi under Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue on deputation here
  • Two notifications granting exemption from registration to job workers and suppliers of handicraft goods in specified here
  • GeM- Training schedule and PPT for HoD' here
  • Promotion/ Transfer/ Posting order in r/o Group 'A' Officers of CRCL under here
  • Transfer Policy in r/o Group 'A' Officers of CRCL under here
  • Notifications extending filing of GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3 and GSTR-6 have been here
  • Suggestions to be send for Draft Expenditure Budget Manual, 2017 either through mail or fax latest by 15.09.2017-click here
  • Decisions of the GST Council on Services taken in the 21st GST Council Meeting held on 9 Sept 2017. -click here
  • List of goods where changes in GST rates have been recommended by the GST Council and increase in Compensation Cess rates of motor vehicles For details click here
  • Filing of GST return click here
  • Data regarding transfer of AIOs in the Zone- to be shared by 8th Sep 2017. click here
  • "Extension of due dates for furnishing details/Returns for the months of July, 2017 and August, 2017" - click here
  • Suggestions to be send for Draft Expenditure Budget Manual, 2017.- click here
  • "CGST Rules, 2017 as amended upto 30/08/2017 have been uploaded".- click here
  • Circular on System based reconciliation of information furnished in FORM GSTR-1 and FORM GSTR-2 with FORM GSTR-3B has been issued.-click here
  • Notification waving late fee for July, 2017 return has been issued
  • "Notification issued for further amendment of CGST Rules".-click here
  • Important information for field formations regarding LAN infrastructure and WAN Connectivity - click here
  • Draft Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations, (CBLR) 2017 has been uploaded. For details - click here
  • Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day ) on 31st Oct, 2017. click here
  • Charter of Functions of DGGST For Details click here
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Current Circulars / Instructions in 2017

Date of Uploading Brief Description
22-09-2017 Proposed Dharna by confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers on 19th September,2017 and on 17th October,2017
20-09-2017 New DDO Code alloted 2 Budgetary Authorities
14-09-2017 Revision of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners
12-09-2017 Delegation of financial powers to HoDs
11-09-2017 Suggestions to be send for Draft Expenditure Budget Manual, 2017 either through mail or fax latest by 15.09.2017"
11-09-2017 Procurement using Government e- Marketplace (GeM)
DO Letter Commerce Secretary    | Covering Letter   | Payment due against CRAC
06-09-2017 Data regarding transfer of AIOs in the Zone
Letter of Transfer of AIOs    AIOs districution details   
06-09-2017 Regularisation of Casual Labourers with Temporary STatus
05-09-2017 Revised Draft Expenditure Budget Manual, 2017
04-09-2017 Minutes of Meeting 18.8.2017
01-09-2017 Regularization of casual workers not covered in 1993 scheme.
31-08-2017 Performance Audit on "Working of Inland Container Depots (ICDs) and Container Freight Stations (CFSs)" for the period from 2012-13 to 2016-17
Letter for all ZONES
Letter for Chief Commissioner of Customs (AHMEDABAD, BENGALURU, CHENNAI, DELHI)
30-08-2017 Actual Expenditure incurred on pay and various types of allowances of civilian employees (MMIS) report for the financial year 2016-17.
28-08-2017 Consolidated instructions on compassionate ground-review of FAQs dated 30.05.2013/25.02.2015 with regard to married son.
28-08-2017 Allotment of new DDO Codes in CBEC
25-08-2017 Instructions of Ministry of Law & Justic on inordinate delay in settlement of counsel fee bills
23-08-2017 Advisories for field formations
Letter Transfer of AIO   | AIO Distribution Details   | Letter Connectivity Issue   | Wan Master sheet Annex. A   | VPNOBB List Annex. B   | VPNOBB Commercial Proposal Annex. C   | Accountability Matrix Annex. D   
BSNL CGM List Annex. E   
17-08-2017 Annual Conference of Tax Administrators, 2017
16-08-2017 Revision of pension Pre-2006
16-08-2017 REMINDER of E-Procurement in the new GST formations under CBEC.    |    Enclosures
14-08-2017 Hiring of "Staff Cars" for entitled officers under CBEC field formations -reg.
14-08-2017 Empanelment of Non-IAS officers for appointment to the post of Secretary and Additional Secretary in the Government of India
14-08-2017 Budget- Revised Estimates 2017-18 and Budget Estimates 2018-19 - Submission there of by 22nd September, 2017- reg.     Enclosures
14-08-2017 Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day ) on 31st Oct,2017.
02-08-2017 Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc.
01-08-2017 Online system of submission of various reports to DGHRD
01-08-2017 Projects under Swachhta Action Plan.
31-07-2017 Yearly report on Actual Expenditure on Pay & Allowances for the year 2016-17
27-07-2017 Online portal for monitoring the EFC/SFC/PIB proposals
26-07-2017 Re-organisation of CBEC field formations in GST regime-merger/creation of DDO for making expenditure
26-07-2017 Reminder-2 of Allotment of DDO Codes consequent to restructuring as GST Commissionerates w.e.f. 01.07.2017-reg
25-07-2017 E-Procurement in the new GST formations under CBEC
20-07-2017 Reminder I- Allotment of DDO Codes consequent to restructuring of Commissionerate w.e.f. 01.07.2017
14-07-2017 Allotment of DDO Codes consequent to restructuring of Commissionerates w.e.f. 01.07.2017
27-06-2017 Member's DO letter for the jurisdictions of CGST Zones and Commissionerates.
27-06-2017 Continuation of waiver from the payment of cost recovery charges in respect of ICDs/CFSs etc.
26-06-2017 Proper officers in GST Act/Rules
23-06-2017 Budgetary Authorities in GST formations & information for revised allocation of funds to new formations
22-06-2017 Letters regarding revision in Vehicle deployment Policy, 2017 in GST regime
Pr. CC or CC (Central Excise)    |    Directorate General    |    CC, Customs    |    Commissioner OR ADG
22-06-2017 CVC advise to initiate systematic improvements in tendering process
CVC Circular    |    CVC OM PreQualification
21-06-2017 DO letter cum Advisory issued by Member (Cus) on GST related changes
15-06-2017 Letter reg. Swachhta Action Plan
15-06-2017 Changes in Budgetary Authorities and reporting of expenditure as on 30th June, 2017
24-05-2017 Clarification regarding continuation of existing contractual arrangement for hired vehicles before transition to GST regime
23-05-2017 Continuation of posts on Cost Recovery basis in respect of customs facilities
22-05-2017 Proposals for enhancing the safety and security of women using " Nirbhaya Fund"
18-05-2017 Cases of appointment on the basis of false caste certificate
16-05-2017 Providing building wise details of Formations and sanctioned strength in various Cadres
D.O Letter   |   Letter   |   Annexure-A   |   Annexure-B   |  
12-05-2017 All Principal CC/DG are required to sent data on vacant land and hired premises by 22.05.2017.
12-05-2017 Enhancement of Financial Powers of the Head of the Departments for hiring of new office premises for GST formations in FY 2017-18
01-05-2017 Letter regarding Domestic preferences in Public Procurement
26-04-2017 Training circular on "Banking Operations and Fiscal Laws Enforcement" at State Bank Staff College, Hyderabad from 19th June to 23rd June, 2017 for invitation of nominations from Gazetted officers.
Part-I   |   Part-II   |  
26-04-2017 Letter Regarding request for change in organisation of GST fromations for facilitation of Trade & Industry with a view to ensure ease of doing business.
25-04-2017 Data Sharing- Compliance of the IT Act, 2000 and Aadhaar Act, 2016
20-04-2017 Inviting proposals under scheme of " Moderisation of Government offices" under Department of Administrative reforms and public grievances for the year 2017-18
12-04-2017 Circular from DG HRD regarding utilization of funds Under O.E. (Gen.) for OUTREACH PROGRAMMES FOR GST
10-04-2017 D.O. Letter of Director General, DGHRD regarding non-registration of 408 DDOs on BHAVISHYA portal

List of non-registered DDOs

03-04-2017 Letter dt. 31-03-2017 from DGHRD regarding 'Annual Vehicle Report'
03-04-2017 Covering letter dt. 31-03-2017 from DGHRD regarding 'Vehicle Deployment Policy, 2017'
31-03-2017 Final Vehicle Deployment Policy, 2017
31-03-2017 Infrastructure proposals relating to formations in GST regime
28-03-2017 Circular dated 16.03.2017 regarding Important information for all voter ID card holders
27-03-2017 Office Order dated 24.03.2017 by the Member (Budget & GST) communicating the constitution of the GST Working Groups
24-03-2017 Circular dt. 24-03-2017 from DGHRD reg. financial requirement for 2016-17 Demand No. 39 - Indirect Taxes
21-03-2017 Intimation regarding change of office address-DRI, Sub-Regional Unit, Gorakhpur
17-03-2017 O.M. regarding invitation for free research proposal from officers of CBDT and CBEC
09-03-2017 Letter regarding RE Ceilings 2016-17 under Grant No. 39 (Indirect Taxes)
08-03-2017 Blacklisting/debarment of M/s Vishal International from participating in tender process for a period of three years w.e.f. 8.12.2016
08-03-2017 Blacklisting of NGO namely Senapati Bapat Nagri Sahakari Patanstha Maryadit.
08-03-2017 Implementation of Comprehensive end-to-end e-procurement
06-03-2017 Final Requirement 2016-17 - Demand No. 39 - Indirect Taxes
27-02-2017 Revised Budget Estimates 2016-17- Reduction of Grant under Object Head - "Salary"
27-02-2017 Suggestions are invited from the CBEC formations on Draft Vehicle Deployment Policy 2017 by 15.03.2017 through e mail :
Forwarding letter   |   Draft Policy
23-02-2017 Transfer of vacant surplus salt land at places other than Mumbai and its suburbs for public purpose
Part-I   |   Part-II   |   Part-III   |   Part-IV
20-02-2017 Selection of IRS (C&CE) Officers for COIN postings
Circular   |   Annexure
15-02-2017 TIME BOUND - Final Requirement for 2016-17
08-02-2017 Selection of IRS (C&CE) Officers for COIN postings
Circular   |   Annexure
03-02-2017 Furnishing of Immovable Property Returns in respect of IRS (C&CE) Group A officers
19-01-2017 Orders relating to the National Anthem of India
12-01-2017 Board office circular dt. 7-12-2016 regarding clarification on MACP - Grant of 3rd MACP to the Superintendents in CBEC who have granted NFG in GP of Rs. 5400/- in PB-2
12-01-2017 Fund allocated under O.E. (Gen.) for "Outreach Programmes for GST"
09-01-2017 Constitution of working Group for effective implementation of Article 1 of Trade facilitation Agreement
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